We Make Digital, Meaningful

Established in 2021, MACH4 Studios is a digital marketing firm and creative studio built by childhood friends and crypto enthusiasts. We combine our unique expertise in various fields ranging from music production, branding, marketing, animation and graphic design to deliver a one-of-a-kind turnkey experience to the startups we support. Our vision is to assist innovative digital brands and see Web3 flourish worldwide—all to play our part in a globalized, equitable future and make digital meaningful.

Meet The Roster

Acting as an extension of your team to execute on your dream

  • Mitch K.

    Mitch K.

    Co-Founder, Creative Writer and Content Strategy Lead

  • Humza N.

    Humza N.

    Co-Founder, Brand Expert and Communication Lead

  • Aydan F.

    Aydan F.

    Co-Founder, Professional Producer and Workflow Production

  • Caelan F.

    Caelan F.

    Co-Founder, Technical Lead and Design Coordinator

  • Victor Hugo F.

    Victor Hugo F.

    Lead Graphic Designer, UI Designer and Motion Designer

  • Renan M.

    Renan M.

    Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Motion Designer

  • Rodrigo N.

    Rodrigo N.

    Graphic Designer and Motion Designer

  • Adamo M.

    Adamo M.

    Project Manager, and Social Media Expert

  • Sameer A.

    Sameer A.

    Project Manager, and Social Media Expert

  • Atal O.

    Atal O.

    Project Manager, and Social Media Expert

  • Ken C.

    Ken C.

    Lead Writer

  • Sarah J.

    Sarah J.

    Technical Writer, and Project Manager

  • Zeeydan Y.

    Zeeydan Y.

    NFT Project Manager, and Social Media Expert

  • Julian F.

    Julian F.

    Community Management Coordinator

and 11 more full time professionals.

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